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Babolat Tennis Recquets

Rafael Nadal use Babolat tennis racquet

Babolat offers performance, control, and a long history of success. Rafael Nadal, Sara Errani, and a wide range of WTA and ATP players select Babolat racquets as their equipment of choice. Racquets for players of every skill level and play style are made by this world-renowned company. Each racquet series and model is designed to fit specific play-styles and player levels, each of which are designed to maximize a player's skill set. Even casual players feel the difference when swinging a quality made Babolat Racquet.

The Babolat Aeropro Drive is Rafael Nadal's racquet of choice for each and every tournament win, and many tennis enthusiasts choose the vary same racquet. As one of the oldest companies in all of tennis, proprietary Babolat technologies such as Zylon, Woofer, and cortex vibration filters are all utilized in racquet construction to equip players to succeed.

Babolat Racquets are the choice of professionals, casual players, and tennis enthusiasts alike. 

Babolat Tennis Recquets News

Babolat is releasing new tennis equipment at a blistering pace

Babolat is releasing new tennis equipment at a blistering pace.

First, at the end of last year, Babolat released the next step in tennis technology: the Babolat Play. The Babolat Pure Drive Play is the first-ever Bluetooth connected racquet. Next, Babolat released a new iteration of their already renowned all-court shoe the Babolat Propulse. Finally, the century old company created a new Babolat Pure Strike 18/20 racquet.

Babolat is pressing at the edge of tennis racquet technology and apparel. As they gain more and more professional endorsements from the rights of Rafael Nadal and La Ni, this perennially impressive company might end up taking the top spot in tennis. Babolat tennis racquets are beginning to dominate on the courts of Wimbledon and in country clubs around the country.

2014 will very likely be the year that Babolat takes over as the most powerful name in tennis.

Li Na won the 2014 Australian Open with the Babolat Pure Drive

Li Na won the 2014 Australian Open with the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet.

The Babolat tennis racquet is already well-known in the professional tennis world, and looks to remain in control as the top racquet for winning players. Both the top female and male player choose Babolat racquets as their weapons of choice. Biscayne Tennis is proud to continually carry the latest and greatest from Babolat.

Two of the newer racquets from Babolat include the Pure Drive Play and the Babolat Pure Strike 18/20. The Babolat Play brings a new level of technology and game analysis to tennis. Biscayne Tennis carries the Babolat Pure Drive Play and has the knowledge and experience to help get players set up on the new technology. Biscayne Tennis even carries the new, 2014 Babolat 18/20 for players who want a racquet from the “first strikers” line. Babolat equips players to win.

Congratulations to Li Na and her great performance with the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet.

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